From love's first kiss to love's last dance:

Six stories to make your heart sing with joy.

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Rose-scented warmth drifted past the old woman's cheek and mingled with the air of disinfectant and forgotten bed-pans. She inhaled deeply and smiled. Turning her head, she searched the haze for the garden she knew lay outside her room. There. A patch of color shivered at the edge of her pe-ripheral vision. Red or pink, it trembled a moment, before disappearing into the shadow of her cataracts.

Memories of Joseph's garden rushed through her mind. How he had loved his roses. He'd filled their yard with flori-bundas and hybrids.

She remembered Mother's Day the year Marion was born, how Joseph had stood in the doorway to their bed-room, arms full of fragrant blossoms, eyes laughing, forehead smudged with dirt from his heavy work gloves. And how every Fourth of July before the Fireman's Dance, he'd stride through the garden in his tuxedo to cut an American Beautyfor her corsage.

The old woman sighed and shifted her weight. Her easy chair was the last remnant of the home she'd left five years ago. No dances now, no corsages. The breeze from the gar-den mocked her. She couldn't see the roses anymore, could barely smell them.


The single word erupted from the phantom noises clogging her ears. She turned and squinted her eyes at the shadow that had entered the room.